Amanda lawson is looking forward to the wedding of her granddaughter Mary to William Buxton, expected to be the wedding of the year, with both the Lawsons and Buxtons belonging to Melbourne’s elite. As she listens to the news, she is shocked to hear of the death of the Australian artist Felix Zimmer.

The rest of her day is overshadowed by this event, as she had loved Zimmer in her childhood, who had saved her life. She had not seen, but never forgotten for many decades. As she delves into her memories, the story is told of her mother Martina Ernestina von und zu Waldhausen known as  Mitzi, who had been a popular singer in Berlin in the 2oties. Mitzi had loved and married the Jew Stephan Blei. His friend Felix Zimmer adored Mitzi, who is also passionately desired by the journalist Hans Warnke.

When Stephan and Mitzi plan to flee to Great Britain with their little daughter Amanda and Felix Zimmer, Mitzi is kidnapped and returned to Germany, here she works in the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Stephan refuses to leave, he hopes that Mitzi will attempt to escape and asks Felix to take Amanda to London. In 1944 Mitzi meets Stephan secretly in Prague, where they are taken prisoners by the Gestapo and executed.

As a young woman Amanda meets and marries Barry Lawson. Felix also emigrates to Australia to be close to her. Some years later they discover, who had betrayed Mitzi and Stephan. Finally it is explained why this had caused Felix and Amanda’s separation for many years.