A Blitz success has catapulted an unusual candidate into the centre of rightwing politics in France ahead of the April local elections. The extreme right Journalist Eric Zemmour declared his candidacy in a Youtube video this week. He seems capable of ousting Marie Le Pen as the leader of the right and even of challenging Emmanuel Macron.

Terrifying! The NAD team referred to a report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that said the number of people displaced by disaster is almost greater than that by conflict.
More deaths and damage have occurred over 50 years from storms, floods, and drought as well as from conflict – and worse is expected to continue. J

Who still believes in the integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility of politicians or multinationals or the police- the so-called friends and helpers! Or is certain that they will receive a just punishment for corruption?

While the world watches the tragedy of Afghanistan with increasing sorrow and dismay, especially the fate of women, there is as always news out of Africa, as per sundry sources including New ZWire or Netzwerk Afrika Deutschland (Network Africa Germany).

If the Sahel with its ten states between the Sahara and the Sudanese Savannah comes to mind, one thinks mainly about desertification. Understandably, the region is continuously threatened by increasing soil erosion.

Judges are more guilty than others, as they should have represented justice more justly.
Lothar Kreyssig

“…. there has to be something in it!” a woman once told me at the end of a talk concerning the Nazi era. Not hard to guess that she meant: “there’s got to be a genuine reason for antisemitism.”

“Idiocy, “said a friend referring to the refusal to accept an anti-Covid jab. True, but sadly this is not only dangerous for the denier, but also for others with whom s/he happens to come into contact.

Contrasting news out of Africa:
On one hand, the untiring Network Africa Germany reported 23.7 that the website “Africa in Detail” (part of the Gates Foundation financed “Our World in Data”) often announces good news out-of-Africa: the downturn in infant mortality, that more children go to school and longer, reduction of illiteracy rate, economic growth in some countries, success in fighting sickness.

The building of dams has long been a controversial issue, particularly in the current climate change era.

The construction of “Stiegler’s Gorge”, officially the “Rufiji Hydropower” project in Tanzania was no exception. Environment experts and activists as well as the head of UNESCO had tried to persuade the late President of Tanzania, John Pombe Joseph Magufuli, who passed away in March, not to proceed with this project.