The latest NAD news from September 29th is distressing, including the following:
The northern Malian historic UN World Heritage city of Timbuktu was shelled by “terrorists,” leaving 2 dead and 5 injured. In recent weeks, the army blamed jihadists for besieging the city, causing serious food shortages.

Why is climate change denied by so many? How is it possible to believe in conspiracy theories that some “dark forces” are at work to control the elements? These hidden rulers, not climate change, caused the unbearable rise of global warming. That they schemed and caused wrecking hurricanes, out-of-control forest fires, devastating floods, fatal droughts, and other disasters?

It is only too often bemoaned that one-time idealistic liberation movements have changed into political parties, convinced of their right to rule forever. Elections for change inevitably brought the same things as before.

The island of Djerba off the Tunisian coast has been placed on the U.N.’s World Heritage List, as NAD reported on 22.9.23. It is said to be the island of lotus-eaters on which Odysseus was stranded during his long voyage. Visitors already flock to this picturesque island, with its white-washed villages and cultural sights.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has announced the victory of ZANU-Pf President Emmerson Mnangagwa over Citizen Coalition for Change -CCM leader Nelson Chamisa in the 26 August elections.

“There is nothing more urgent than saying thank you”. I read that Marcus Tullius Cicero had said and written that around 100+ some years, born as he was in 106.

Is Europe being Islamised? And is this leading to the end of European Jewry – thus making Herr Hitler’s dream come true?

This week, 40 Heads of State will jet into South Africa, the only African member of the 5-nation BREXIT bloc, which is seen to represent the South.

Tunisia and the EU have been warned about their migration policies, particularly regarding sub-Sahara Africans

She released a new bombshell study on mass rape in the 80s while Zimbabwe’s President is about to attend the BREXIT meeting in South Africa this week. Events that had been swept decades under the carpet and were now published by the British-Zimbabwe Society.